Summer Camps

More then 35.000 students attend summer camps in Malta every year.

Junior Summer Camps in Malta

Malta Summer Camps are organized by language schools in Malta, attended by more than 40,000 students each year, accompanied by language training, along with very strong social activity programs. Moreover, they support students’ language development as well as self-confidence, international friendship or vision building. They are all-inclusive educational programs.

Summer camps in Malta, along with 20 classrooms of English language training per week, together with highly instructive social activity programs, mean a fun summer holiday that students will get at a young age and remember throughout their lives, and have strong bonds of friendship that will remain in contact for many years.

Details such as date ranges, prices or age ranges for summer camps are different in each school. In general, the age range is between 7-17 and camp dates are between spring and autumn. The camp duration is planned weekly and the student can participate in these camps for 1 week or longer.

Children can participate in these programs on their own, besides, requesting parents can participate in these camps with their children and receive language training on request.

Please contact us for more information about summer camps in Malta.