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Malta has many advantages such as being a native English-speaking country, providing high quality standards in education, economic access to education and social facilities, easy transportation, full membership of the European Union and being one of the 10 safest countries in the world. With its history, culture, social life, sea, sand, and at least 300 sunny days in a year, Malta is preferred because of being a country that allows having unforgettable memories while studying.

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ESE Language School
Clubclass Language School
EC English Malta
Linguatime School of English
AM Language Studio
ACE English Malta
Gateway School of English
IELS Malta
Atlas Language School
BELS Language School
Malta University Language School
LSC Malta
Maltalingua School of English
ETI Malta
A Class English School
LAL Malta
Easy School of Languages
GV Malta English Centre
Cavendish School of English
Sprachcaffe Language School
Alpha School of English
Inlingua Malta
IH Malta
Berlitz Language Centre
English Language Academy
English Domain
ICTQ Malta
ECS Language School
Link School of English
NSTS Malta