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Research, examine! Determine your expectations and needs. In this process, consult to MaltaVista completely free of charge.
Consider the alternatives and decide on the program that suits you and leave the rest to us. We will be managing all the processes, and you will be busy preparing your suitcase.
Start training, and don’t forget the sea, sand and sun, of course!
Remember that we are at our Malta office and all our team in any problems you may have while in Malta. Enjoy Malta!

English Courses in Malta

Language schools in Malta offer language training to approximately 90,000 people from different countries of the world each year. We as MaltaVista, Malta’s largest education agency, are working to plan the education-oriented journey of individuals who plan to study in Malta, to facilitate their processes and to support them face to face in case of need during their stay in Malta. In Malta, language training is available from 1 week to 52 weeks. Schools start their education on every Monday. There are different training options such as 20 hours of general English per week, 30 hours of intensive English, business English, TOEFL or IELTS per week.

The details such as the date, the number of weeks to be trained or the training program are organized in accordance with the availability of the schools in line with the demands and wishes of the students. All or some of these details may vary from school to school.

As MaltaVista, we provide consultancy to help a student who plans education training in Malta while choosing the school and the training program that best suits their demands, needs and expectations. In addition to education, we support our students with our knowledge and experience at required points such as accommodation alternatives, flight tickets, social activities and orientation process.

Through our office in Malta, our team in Malta regularly visits and follows our partner language schools, accommodation places owned by schools and students who come to study in Malta. Thus, we manage to keep the quality standards of the services we offer at the highest level as much as possible.

Note: Students between the ages of 7-16 can only receive summer camp trainings. Please click here for more information about summer camps. For language training of individuals over the age of 16, you can continue to review this page and fill out the information request form.

Information on Language Education in Malta

Language training is planned weekly in Malta. Training can be taken between 1-52 weeks. The student decides this period of time. Lessons are held every weekday and the duration of one lesson is 45 minutes. Class capacity is consists of maximum 12 people.

Each new student takes the placement test and receives training in the classroom appropriate to their language level. Each school has levels of A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

At the end of their training period, students receive the certificate of the level at which they have acquired competence. The acquired certificates are internationally accredited and valid worldwide.

Information on Accommodation in Malta

All language schools in Malta have their own accommodation options, usually within walking distance of the school building. Only students of that school stay in these alternative accommodation places. This facilitates socialization as well as safe accommodation. School accommodation facilities are also comfortable and affordable. The following accommodation alternatives are commonly available in many schools;

  • Apartment and Residence Accommodation
  • Homestay Accommodation
  • Hostel and Hotel Accommodation

What Should I Do To Register For A Language School?

Although it may seem complicated at first glance, the process of studying in a different country is not that challenging. The important thing is to take right steps after a deeply researched. If you are not sure where to start please fill contact form or contact with us.


Please click logos for more details about the schools.

ESE Language School
Clubclass Language School
EC English Malta
Linguatime School of English
AM Language Studio
ACE English Malta
Gateway School of English
IELS Malta
Atlas Language School
BELS Language School
Malta University Language School
LSC Malta
Maltalingua School of English
ETI Malta
A Class English School
LAL Malta
Easy School of Languages
GV Malta English Centre
Cavendish School of English
Sprachcaffe Language School
Alpha School of English
Inlingua Malta
IH Malta
Berlitz Language Centre
English Language Academy
English Domain
ICTQ Malta
ECS Language School
Link School of English
NSTS Malta