About Us

MaltaVista is a Malta-based educational technology and consultancy brand specializing in services offered in Malta

With the vision of leading the digital transformation of the international education sector as a result of process innovations guided by its corporate culture since its foundation in 2017, MaltaVista has played a role as a facilitator, beyond just being a consultant, in the processes of the people who want to travel to Malta for training or internship.

With a deep knowledge as a result of being focused on a single destination in the international education sector, strong corporate partnerships and a result-oriented consultancy approach and with technology-based value suggestions, it conducts the business with the mission of maximizing efficiency during the processes of travel planning, preparation and the students’ stay in Malta.

While MaltaVista’s leading values in business management are process efficiency and sectorial innovation, its leading value in terms of service understanding is the trust that is naturally formed as a result of the transparently presenting up-to-date information to its students within the scope of the consultancy. For more information about the service concept, please check our Quality Policy.