MaltaVista Quality Policy;

  • We will be in a process of a constant improvement and development with a quality management system in accordance with universal standards,
  • We will try to serve above the student expectation line as defined by standards and regulations,
  • In accordance with student expectations and goals, we will provide transparent and accurate consulting services in proportional with their budgets,
  • We will try to improve this process by investigating the current situation of the schools where our students are educated, and their wishes and complaints about this issue,
  • We will create value on behalf of both stakeholders with innovative ideas and projects aimed at the institutions and organizations with which we have a solution partnership,
  • We will develop mutual trust, respect, love and communication among our employees and create a peaceful work environment dominated by horizontal hierarchy,
  • We will be involved in personal or corporate development programs as much as possible, giving importance to the personal development of our employees,
  • We will use our international network as a tool for projects that will produce social benefits and contribute to the developing countries in which we operate,
  • We will try to ensure appropriate adaptation by following developments in the sector.